The Strongest Way To Lose Fat Fast!

When most people begin a fat loss program, they bust out the pink dumbbells and crank out high rep set after high rep set until the cows come home (no pun intended).

This style of training often leads to DECREASES in actual strength. Most fat loss trainees disregard this effect, saying, “I don’t care about strength, my goal is simply to lose fat!”

Although this seems like a logical and rational statement, it is this exact way of thinking that prevents many of these people from achieving rapid fat loss.

I know that may sound like a crazy statement, and you’re probably saying, “What does strength have to do with fat loss?” Well, it is true that directly, strength has nothing to do with how your body looks. However, it can indirectly make a huge difference in your fat loss efforts, in three different ways. Here they are:

1) When you are stronger, you can move more resistance (weight) when you exercise. Moving more resistance has a greater metabolic demand on your body.

In other words, you will burn more calories during each and every workout if you can lift more weight. To better visualize this fact, let me show you an example with take two twin brothers (Bill and Bob). We will assume that all is equal between the two except their strength. The brothers decide to do a squat workout together. Bill is significantly stronger that Bob.

Bill completed all of his sets with 405 pounds while Bill could only use 185 pounds for the same number of repetitions. Which workout do you think burned more calories? Which workout would you guess had a greater effect on their metabolism? Obviously Bill’s workout with 405 pounds did!
The bottom line is, lifting heavier weights leads to a higher metabolic rate, which is crucial if you want to achieve and maintain a lean body.

2) When you are stronger, you can produce more force output during cardio workouts. Similar to the point above, producing more force output during cardio really ignites your metabolic rate. To make this point even clearer, let’s look at another example.

Imagine that my friend Ray performed three 100-yard sprints. The first sprint he walked. The second sprint he jogged. And the third sprint he ran. Which do you think would have the greatest affect on his fat burning efforts? Obviously the third sprint would!

Note that the only significant difference between the three was the force output. Thus, the more force output you can exert, the more effectively you will be able to utilize your cardio workouts to increase your metabolism. And your strength will determine to a great degree your ability to produce force.

3) When you are stronger, you have greater flexibility in your exercise selection. Many of the best exercises require you to have a minimal level of strength to do them properly. Take a chin up, for example.

If you don’t have the strength to pull yourself up, you will never reap the rewards of this great exercise, which, when used properly, can help you in your fat loss efforts. And exercises like chin ups are not out of reach for most trainees if they train properly.

I often have clients come to me (after years of “typical” fat loss training) who can’t do a single chin up. But after 8 short weeks of real strength training, they are launching their new bodies right up to the pull up bar.

The chin-up is just one of many great exercises that require a certain amount of basic strength to perform. All of these exercises are great fat-burners when used appropriately, and thus, it is certainly worth your time to develop the strength necessary to perform them properly.

I hope that you are now convinced that getting stronger should be an important part of your fat loss program. Now go ditch those pink dumbbells and those high rep circuits, get strong, and get lean!

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