How To Burn Fat And Build Muscle. The Fat Loss Method I Used To Get Down To 5% Body Fat!

For years, fitness experts and fat loss gurus have touted the theory that you should lose weight very slowly if you are to be successful in your quest for permanent fat loss.  For the most part, this is sound advice, because with most of the flawed fat loss methods out there, losing weight quickly only leads to undesirable losses in lean muscle.  These losses in lean muscle will destroy your metabolism and your physique at the same time.  This is definitely not what we are looking for. 

Additionally, many “too good to be true” fat loss techniques are unhealthy and nearly impossible for anyone to sustain for too long.   So does this mean that we are forced to lose fat at a snail’s pace each and every week?   Not at all!  There is a better way! 

Read on and I’ll show you how to lose fat as fast as possible.  And yes, this method will burn fat at an unheard of rate without risking losses of your lean muscle or damage to your metabolism.  Even better, you can actually sculpt your muscle and increase your metabolic rate while following this protocol!

Before I share the fat loss program with you, I would like to tell you one of the most important rules of REAL fat loss.  Here it is:  In order to lose fat you MUST create a caloric deficit.  Now, a caloric deficit can be made in two different ways: 

  1. Eat less

  2. Exercise more

This is a very simple formula.  So if it is this uncomplicated, why doesn’t everyone achieve fat loss success?  The answer to this question is equally simple.  Most people do it WRONG.  You see, in an attempt to lose fat quickly, most people cut calories way too much and perform a lot of cardiovascular exercise.  There are some serious problems with this approach.

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Option 1 - Consuming less food
If you drastically reduce your food intake, you will lose weight fast.  Unfortunately, the majority of this weight will come from lean muscle.  Losses in muscle are ALWAYS accompanied by a decrease in metabolic rate.  This metabolic slowdown will stop your weight loss progress in its tracks.  Once this happens, you must further reduce calories to continue losing weight.   Most people are not going to be able to survive long on very little food intake.  Thus, this option is, quite simply, a recipe for failure.

Option 2 - Exercising more
Another way to create a large caloric deficit is to perform a high volume of exercise.  At first this seems like a better option.  Less hunger and less deprivation makes this choice a little more appealing than Option 1 for most people.  However, the problem is that most people cannot exercise for hours and hours every single day.  Even if you were willing (and able) to do this, it would not be a good long-term plan.  Most people get “burned out” very quickly with this protocol.  Even worse, nagging injuries such as tendinitis and bursitis are sure to put you on the sidelines eventually. 

You’re probably thinking, “So if the best fat loss techniques are flawed, what should I do?”  Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you in the dark.  Instead, I’m going to honestly answer that very question so you can start burning fat fast RIGHT NOW.  Alright, it’s time to spill the beans!

Step 1: Create a caloric deficit through clever dietary manipulation. 
Remember, you need to create a caloric deficit.  But when you drop calories, you will damage your metabolism.  This catch 22 is a harsh reality for dieters everywhere.  The trick I’m about to show you completely resolves this problem. 

Here is the trick:  Aggressively cut your calories for 3-5 days.  Follow these 3-5 days by a higher calorie day (at least maintenance level caloric consumption) for 1-2 days.  The higher calorie day(s) revs up your metabolism and helps fill your muscles with stored energy.   Also, high calorie days during dieting phases give you something to look forward to, thus preventing feelings of long term deprivation and burnout.

Step 2: Perform an exercise routine that stimulates muscle and metabolism.
This is not the usual "lift weights and walk on the treadmill" workout.  Instead, you must engage in a high intensity training program that uses exercises that require you to move your body through space.  For example, sprinting requires you to move your whole body through space.   Alternatively, the elliptical machine requires your body to stay stationary while your move just your limbs.  Therefore, sprinting would be superior to an elliptical workout for fast and permanent fat loss.

The superior exercises are the ones that stimulate all muscle groups simultaneously and therefore burn a maximum amount of calories in a minimum amount of time. If this is done correctly, you can achieve lightning-fast fat loss with just three short (but intense) workouts per week.

So which is better, eating less or training more?  The truth is that you really need a combination of both to achieve maximal fat loss at an accelerated rate.  Integrate the diet technique and the training recommendation listed above, and you will blast the fat right off your body faster than you ever dreamed possible!

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