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When most people make an attempt to lose weight, they immediately cut their calories dramatically. Initially, this does yield some short-term weight loss results. For the first couple of weeks, their motivation is high and they are fueled by their perceived “progress”. But before long, their weight loss comes to a screeching halt. Their motivation is quickly replaced with feelings of disbelief, doubt and frustration. Eventually, even the most strong-willed succumb to the fierce food cravings that begin spiraling out of control. This is when the first cheat on the diet occurs.

Once the first spoonful of ice cream hits the lips of these well-intentioned but misinformed trainees, the floodgates open and the full force binge begins. For some people, this cycle continues throughout their entire lives. It becomes a roller coaster of deprivation and guilty binge eating. Does this sound like you? Are you sick and tired of this vicious cycle? The good news is I’m going to show you the number one thing to focus on that will stop this cycle in its tracks once and for all!

You see, instead of working with your body low calorie dieting works against it. There are several reasons why this simple statement is so true and so powerful. Here they are:

  1. Dieting causes psychological stress - The very essence of dieting leads to feelings of deprivation.  And as you know, people tend to want what they can’t have.  Food depriving creates a constant struggle within you.  Thoughts of your favorite foods start to dominate your life.  At the first moment of weakness, you will betray the guidelines of your diet, your goals and yourself.  Oftentimes, this leads to feeling like a failure and depression can even set in. 

  2. Dieting causes muscle loss - During low-calorie diets, your body prefers to burn muscle for energy rather than burn its excess body fat.  It does this purely for survival.  You see, when you drop calories too low, you body wants to hold onto its body fat so that it can maintain an emergency energy reserve.  This happens because when you drop your calories, your body doesn’t know whether you are dieting or starving.  Burning muscle and holding onto fat is a basic survival response which also causes reason number 3.

  3. Dieting activates fat-storing enzymes and deactivates fat-burning enzymes - This is simply done for survival.  Once this happens, the only way to reactivate your fat-burning enzymes is to stop your diet and increase your calories.

  4. Dieting destroys your energy levels - When deprived of fuel, your whole body starts to slow down.  This zaps your energy levels and leaves you feeling weak and tired.  In addition to feeling lousy, you will burn fewer calories throughout the day when you are sluggish.   You will also notice your ability to exercise decrease, thus rendering your workouts less and less effective.
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So it is clear that low-calorie diets don’t provide long-term, sustainable fat loss. This is probably no surprise to you, as I’m sure you have witnessed yourself and countless friends fail while following some sort of restrictive diet. The good news is that I have the answer for you! Although it is simple, it will require a paradigm shift on your part.

The key to your success is to eat MORE! I know this seems counterintuitive, but you must eat more calories to dig yourself out of this flawed hole of failed low-calorie diets.

All of the problems I listed above will be instantly fixed once you increase your food intake. You’re probably asking, “How can I increase my calories and still lose weight?” Believe it or not, this can be done as long as you follow these 3 simple but very important rules:

Rule 1: Increase your calories slowly - If you have been following a low calorie diet for some time, you can bet big money that your metabolism has slowed down. This is not the best time to suddenly and substantially increase your food intake. Instead, make small increases one step at a time. For women, I suggest increasing 100-200 calories daily for a week at a time. Men should increase 300-400 calories per day for a week at a time. Continue to make this weekly caloric intake increase until you are back to your maintenance level of calories.

Rule 2: Vary your calories - This technique is very helpful to those with a severely sluggish metabolism. If this is the case, we can take the calorie increasing one step slower. Simply follow rule 1 but only increase the calories every other day. After two weeks of doing this, your metabolism will begin climbing and you’ll be able to apply the calorie increase every day.

Rule 3: Only increase your food intake with healthy foods - With a slower metabolism and severe cravings, this is NOT the time to start eating fat-producing foods. Stick with fresh fruits and vegetables, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, lean proteins and whole grains. You will have plenty of opportunity to indulge yourself with your favorite snack foods once your metabolism is revved up again.

Continue to follow these rules until you are 10% above your maintenance level of calories. During this time it is important for you to follow a well-designed resistance training program. This will give you the opportunity to build back any lean muscle that your body lost from the severe dieting.

Now that your metabolic rate is elevated, you can start your new and improved fat loss program. Instead of drastically slashing your calories, you will just deduct 15% from your current level of calories. At this caloric intake level, you will not be hungry and your metabolism will not crash. You will also have boundless energy to fuel your life and your workouts.

To absolutely ensure your success, be sure to continue to exercise. Exactly how to design your training program is beyond the scope of this article, but please be sure to include a combination of resistance training and cardiovascular work.

There you have it! A workable, efficient fat-loss program that will never leave you feeling fatigued, hungry or burned out. Start today and burn fat the sustainable and enjoyable way...permanently! Good luck

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