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One of most effective ways to make money on the Internet is to build up a large mailing list of subscribers and then send out useful content with occasional product recommendations and promotions. I highly suggest you take advantage of this technique when marketing How To Get Ripped Abs.

We've had some incredible responses with email promoting to a targeted mailing list. A well-written email typically leads to a huge flood of very profitable sales.

In fact, we have found that then sending out a promotional email is one of the most effective ways to generate instant sales.

I encourage you to write your own content for mailings. This always comes across as most sincere because you know your subscribers best. Remember your list trusts you! But I've also provided you with two awesome pairs of mailings at the bottom of this page that you are free
to use.

They convert to sales well and a lot of thought was put into them but feel free to edit them as you see fit to get the greatest response possible. Here are a few tips when sending out a promotional email :

  1. Keep it short and to the point –Overly long and wordy emails will typically turn off most readers and often times they won't be willing to read through the entire email. Also keep your email easy on the eyes by having a few small paragraphs that don’t exceed 3-4 lines of text each.

  2. Spell check and proof read -You must come across as a trusted professional, so you cannot afford to have spelling mistakes and obvious grammatical errors in your emails. Just proof read your email and use a spell checker to make sure you didn't miss anything.

  3. Follow up -You will definitely see a great response from your first email.  But we have found that many readers need a couple of emails before they're ready to check out the offer, so always make sure to send out a follow-up email around 2-3 days after your initial mailing.   This will certainly bring in even more sales.

  4. Cloak your links! - It is very important to "cloak" your affiliate links whenever possible. If you send out a mailing that uses an affiliate link, many readers will realize that you're making a commission, which could lessen the credibility of your recommendation in their eyes.

We personally recommend using to cloak your links. Simply enter your affiliate link into the box on the site, and they'll "cloak" the link for you and give you a new URL that points to the same page.

Below you will find 2 sample email sequences that you can use to promote the How To Get Ripped Abs program. As I’ve already said, you can literally copy and paste these, (just make sure to customize the terms inside the brackets [ ], and also make sure to cloak your affiliate links using the instructions above).

However, we do strongly encourage you to customize the emails we provide you with. Alternatively, you can use these as templates and write your own emails.  We have found that personal endorsements always work best.

Please be advised: We have a zero tolerance policy for spammers. We do not condone any email marketing unless someone specifically requested to receive email from you. We only allow opt in email marketing.

That being said, I recommend that you use a double opt in service such as, which works great and will cover you in case of any kind of spam complaint.

If you have any questions about email marketing for our product, please don't hesitate to contact us. In fact,  if you would contact us before you send the mailing, we may be able to work together to make a special offer that will increase your conversion rate!

John Alvino, author and affiliate manager
How To Get Ripped Abs.Com

PS. One more thing: After you write/edit an email run it through a spam checker (all opt in services provide this for you) to be sure that your email will actually get to your readers.

Sample Email Sequence #1

Sample Email Sequence #2

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