The old static type websites are dying in favor of a dynamic and ever changing blog. If you have a blog of your own this is an excellent way to promote our program.

There are several different ways to promote this program throughout your blog, like simple text, graphics, reviews, videos, testimonials etc.

If you are serious about affiliate marketing but don't yet have a blog of your own, we highly suggest you get one. You can easily get a free blog at It will provide you with free software that will get started in just a few short minutes.

Wordpress is another great choice if you want to install a blog on your own domain. I prefer this option because you can create an awesome looking site on your own domain. For more information visit

Here are some tips for successfully promoting our product with a blog...:

  1. Keep your blogs brief. Blogs tend to work best with short articles or bite sized sound bytes. Longer articles can be broken up into several parts.

  2. Show yourself. Show your name, face and definitely your personality. People want to know what YOU have to say. They don’t want to go to some anonymous website that is just floating out there in cyberspace. If you follow this guideline, people will connect with you more easily, develop trust in you, and they will keep coming back for more!

  3. Know your audience. What sort of people are coming to your blog? Why are they there, and what are they searching for? Make sure to define your target audience and figure out what that target audience wants to read about.

  4. Don’t write boring posts. No one will stay on your blog if they are bored to tears. Be engaging and entertaining. If you have a sense of humor, use it!

  5. Be unique. I highly recommend that you use my articles on your blog, but don’t use them exclusively. Be sure to have some original content also.

  6. Location, location, location. This is a very powerful money making tip. The prime real estate of a website is the top and center of the page- the first thing visitors see when they land on the site. This is where I recommend permanently placing a text ad, product review or banner ad. This gives you a lot of bang for your buck.

  7. Focus on promoting a select number of programs. If you're throwing out product recommendations left, right and center, your visitors will begin to see your blog for what it is. Rather than passively promoting a huge list of programs all at once, you'll be much better off promoting a few select programs very aggressively. This will allow you to maintain the trust of your readers and keep them coming back.

  8. Offer free downloadable reports and other gifts. Treat your readers well, and they'll treat you well. You can offer my free PDF reports, sample chapters and video articles as a way of keeping your readers interested.

  9. Use articles. It can often be tough to come up with fresh, interesting content for your readers on a consistent basis, and this is where my articles can come in handy. In the affiliate area of, you will regularly find new articles on training, nutrition and supplementation. You are encouraged to use these articles along with your own unique posts.

  10. Sprinkle product images throughout your posts. You can find a large selection of different product image here. Adding an image can increase the perceived value.

  11. Be controversial. Say what's on your mind. Express your beliefs and opinions. Give both positive AND negative reviews on your blog. A blog can and should be a personal journal and a place for your opinions. You'll get way more visitors and return readers if you're making some controversial posts.
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