Warning-Excess Abdominal Fat Does More
Harm Than Just Ruining Your Physique!

Excess body fat can accumulate on many different areas on your body. It can show up on the back of your arms, under your chin, or on your butt and thighs. But for most people, the one place it seems to show up more than anywhere else is directly on their stomach.

This excess belly fat can ruin the appearance of anyone’s physique very quickly. In fact, having excess ab flab is the number one complaint of people who want to improve their physique.

Throughout my career, I have received countless phone calls from frustrated people who desperately want to lose their excess abdominal fat, simply because they feel like it is ugly and makes them self conscious about their body.

What these people don't realize is that having excess stomach fat is much more than an issue of vanity. Recent science has clearly demonstrated that having excess abdominal fat is particularly dangerous (much more so than having excess fat anywhere else on your body).

If you carry around excess abdominal fat, you are more susceptible to serious health risks. Some of the risks include:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Some types of cancer
  • Type 2 diabetes
  • Insulin resistance
  • High triglycerides
  • Low levels of (HDL), or "good," cholesterol
  • Sleep apnea

Researchers have been studying extensively why people with excess belly fat are such frequent targets for each one of these life threatening diseases.

During their studies, the researchers discovered that there are two distinct types of abdominal fat: subcutaneous and visceral.

Subcutaneous fat is a more superficial layer of fat that sits in between the skin and the abdominal muscles. This fat is easy to pinch and often looks and feels flabby.

Visceral fat, on the other hand, is located inside the abdominal cavity, jammed between the internal organs. Because this fat sits so much deeper than subcutaneous fat, it can often feel somewhat firmer. And even though visceral fat is stored deeper in the body, having an excess of it will still cause your abdomen to protrude.

Both types of stomach fat are clearly undesirable, but it is visceral fat that is metabolically active and causes the majority of the health risks. So if you are concerned with your health and quality of life, you MUST make losing this fat your number one priority.

Although visceral fat is considered stubborn (difficult to lose), it can be reduced rapidly and effectively with a well-designed program that targets this “hard to lose” fat.

And the good news is that the type of program that targets visceral fat will also demolish your subcutaneous fat as well!

Some people out there will try to convince you that there is some magical solution to losing belly fat that involves miracle pills, unproven fad diets, or some kind of strange ab gadget you’ve never seen before. Take my advice: ignore them completely. There is only one way to win this battle of the bulge!

And that way is to combine sound nutrition with a strategic training protocol. When these two strategies and united, you can lose your belly fat (both subcutaneous and visceral) and keep it off permanently!

The nutrition plan must be one that effectively lowers and stabilizes insulin levels. This is best accomplished by eating plenty of fibrous vegetables, low sugar fruits, lean proteins and healthy fats while minimizing your intake of processed foods, sugars and flour products.

Additionally, you should eat your meals at 2 ½ to 3 hour intervals. This also helps to control insulin levels.

Now for your training protocol. It’s important to realize that just some “typical” exercise program will not do the trick for you.

The majority of people who attempt to burn stubborn abdominal fat usually engage in traditional ineffective cardio workouts with some antiquated weight training routine, and then finish their workout with some crunches and sit-ups.

Unfortunately, these routines result in little more than frustration. Even after months of consistence and dedication, it is not uncommon to achieve no positive results at all.

In order for your training program to be effective, it must stimulate fat burning hormones capable of mobilizing your stubborn belly fat. These hormones include GH, testosterone, thyroid and epinephrine.

The best way to stimulate these hormones is by adhering to the following training guidelines:

1) Use short but intense workouts. Feel free to train as hard as you can – but do not exceed 50 minutes per training session.

2) Take short rest intervals in between sets. Short rest intervals have generally come to mean hardly any recovery in between sets. In other words, people who adopt the short rest interval theory often take too little time between sets of a certain exercise. This forces them to use weights too light to trigger a positive training response.

But there is a better way! Simply group two or more non-competing exercises together and perform them in alternate fashion. By designing your training program in this manner, you can take short rest intervals while still allowing sufficient recovery for each muscle group.

3) Keep your training volume high enough to burn a maximal amount of calories, but low enough so that you don’t trigger a cortisol response. In order to do this, you should keep your main work sets between 12-16 sets per workout.

4) Use exercises that burn the most fat and activate the largest amount of muscle groups. The best exercises would be ones where you would need to activate multiple joints, and with your body doing the majority of the stabilizing work rather than having a machine providing the stability for you.

Follow these guidelines and you WILL lose your stubborn belly fat. If you want to remove all of the guesswork completely, you can get the entire step-by-step blueprint in my How To Get Ripped Abs Program.

Keep in mind that this is not just some ordinary ab workout. Instead, this totally unique program includes the precise nutritional and training strategies that I have used with great success with my elite, high paying clients for over 17 years.

I look forward to helping YOU succeed in finally getting rid of that excess stomach fat that is not only unattractive, but also dangerous to your health and longevity.


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